Episode 4 - Maltese Food

Episode 4 is finally landing in your ears. After Episode 3's unusual mix of loosely related drinks and stories we are back on more stable ground in episode 4 where Sam introduces Nate to the Maltese world of food and drink. From pickled cheese to their less than craft traditional brewery. 

In this episode we drink a lovely glass of Kinnie. This Maltese bitter orange soft drink is delicious refreshment in these hot summer times. I have previously rhapsodised about Kinnie on Hungerlust


You can buy Kinnie at various online retailers including Amazon. Here is the link to their Kinnie page.


We also chow down on some Cheesey Twistees and galetti. Both great party snacks. For a recipe to make your own galetti see this page on Hungerlust 

All the beers we drink in this episode are from Malta's largest brewery, Farsons.  Here is link to a recipe for Maltese Christmas pudding made with Farsons Milk Stout, Lacto. 

We also gobble the highly unusual Gbjeniet cheeselets. Some cow, some sheep, some peppered and some pickled. All delicious even if the aftertaste of the vinegary ones linger longer than you might like!


We didn't take any pictures of the Gbejniet we ate, but here is one that Sam's Mother in Law made. There are tons of recipes about how to make Maltese Cheese but a good starting point is this post on the very useful Maltese recipe site a Maltese Mouthful


Episode 3 - Found Food

In Episode 3 we cover the slightly oblique topic of found food. We discuss what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to eating other people's leftovers and that even though Nate states the line over which he wouldn't cross, in his past he has been a willing eater of what Jerry Seinfeld would consider trash. All for good ethical reasons of course.


The clip of Seinfeld where George eats trash!


The infamous "Train Whisky" from Milroy's of Soho

Here is the Evening Standard Food For London campaign about waste from supermarkets

Episode 2 - Amaro

The Amaro episode is here! Listen to discover the enthralling world of bitter liqueurs from all over Europe. We visit Italy, Germany and taste the excellent Asterley Brothers' Dispense Amaro from the UK

Firstly Apologies for the audio interference which kicks in at about 23 mins. We hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment of the show!

We taste Amaro Montenegro - Suppliers online at Beers of Europe and Delicitezza

We taste the Krauterlikor, Radeberger, you can find this in Germany - It's always in Airport Duty Free shops.

We also taste the wonderful Dispense Amaro from the Asterley Brothers - Currently unavailable but do check their website for updates on the next batch and their upcoming Fernet. 

And lastly we tasted the powerful, Fernet like, Varnelli Amaro di Erbe Tonico. We haven't been able to find a UK supplier for this one but Sam picked up a bottle in the wonderful Roscioli


The book we looked at during the show was the wonderful Bitter by Jennfier Mclagan available at all good bookshops. 

Episode 1 - French Craft Beer

Hi, thanks for coming to check out the first episode of the new food and drink podcast Parched and Peckish. In this first episode Nate and Sam discuss the growing world of French craft beer.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Here are the beers we tasted in the episode. Loving the dramatic label artwork!

Du Bout Du Monde Saison from   Brasserie de la Vallee Du Giffre   (Not Giraffe like we badly translate in the Podcast!)

Du Bout Du Monde Saison from Brasserie de la Vallee Du Giffre (Not Giraffe like we badly translate in the Podcast!)

Pleine Lune   - Il Était Lune Fois Tropical Stout

Pleine Lune - Il Était Lune Fois Tropical Stout

Brasserie Stephanoise  -L'Ebariole
La Debauche  - Cognac Barrel

La Debauche - Cognac Barrel

There is a round up of all the best places to eat and drink on the Sam's blog Hungerlust.

Lyon Beer Shops

Three of the beers were bought in Chope de Lug  A well stocked beer shop in the Old town of Brussels.

The Cognac Barrel was bought at the natural wine shop Vins Nature.

Food and Beer is the book by Daniel Burns and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso that we had a look through. We can highly recommend it and it's available through normal booksellers and Phaidon's own website