Episode 2 - Amaro

The Amaro episode is here! Listen to discover the enthralling world of bitter liqueurs from all over Europe. We visit Italy, Germany and taste the excellent Asterley Brothers' Dispense Amaro from the UK

Firstly Apologies for the audio interference which kicks in at about 23 mins. We hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment of the show!

We taste Amaro Montenegro - Suppliers online at Beers of Europe and Delicitezza

We taste the Krauterlikor, Radeberger, you can find this in Germany - It's always in Airport Duty Free shops.

We also taste the wonderful Dispense Amaro from the Asterley Brothers - Currently unavailable but do check their website for updates on the next batch and their upcoming Fernet. 

And lastly we tasted the powerful, Fernet like, Varnelli Amaro di Erbe Tonico. We haven't been able to find a UK supplier for this one but Sam picked up a bottle in the wonderful Roscioli


The book we looked at during the show was the wonderful Bitter by Jennfier Mclagan available at all good bookshops.